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Whale Stampede

A screenshot from some recent GoPro footage. There was at least ten male humpbacks following a female and battle each other for position. I count seven in the image. Amazing to see. Time to start […]

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Time Machine

Recycled Art Assemblage project, ‘Time Machine’

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Green Anole

One of the many neighbors at my place in Haiku

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Maui and Molokai Sightseeing

Another amazing tour over Molokai and Maui last week. Flying next to Molokai’s 2000′ cliffs is unreal.

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AquaLife Ponds

My old friend Dave Misterly has moved from Bellingham down to Orange County, Californa. After living in Bellingham and now being in Maui for a few years, I can sympathize with how lack of sunshine […]

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Jaws… Maui’s first big swell of the winter

We had our first big swell hit Hawaii this morning. This is a ‘medium’ sized day at Jaws… still good sized, but it gets a lot bigger and scarier than this! The video is best […]

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Possession Point Woodworking

I put together a quick website for my old friend Geoff Wirth. Geoff is an amazing woodworker with a fully equipped woodworking shop up in Whidbey Island, Washington. Take a look at the gallery page […]

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Claymation Fun

Playing around with Boinx iStopMotion… fun little app.

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President Obama

Change has finally come to the Oval Office. Not a day too soon.

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Right on Powell

Newfound respect for Colin Powell. A most eloquent endorsement.

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